Wild Wasteland I: Falloutbounding and Prep

I just got back from a trip that was nothing less that totally life altering. I did the Fallout: New Vegas tour of the Mojave.

I’m not the first, or probably even 50th, person to do this, and there’s people who’ve done it far more comprehensively than I have. The 10th anniversary is coming up next year, and with each year that passes for those of us who have loved Fallout since the isometric days, New Vegas represents the last “real” Fallout game we’ll ever get. Probably.

My journey encompassed just 4 days of travel. I hope with what I leaned this year, when I go back next year (and make no mistake, I am absolutely going back next year) with more time I’ll be able to check off most of the real world locations.

Some locations will be grouped, but most will be in individual posts. In the interest of not crowding up location posts with a bunch of super awkward pictures of myself, all my “Falloutbounding” (cosplay-lite) outfits and other incidental trip details (like my iPod playlist converted to a Spotify for your enjoyment).

Day 1: Veronica Santangelo

Day 2: Vulpes Inculta

Day 3: Rose of Sharon “Whiskey Rose” Cassidy

Day 4: Benny Gecko

Day 4 (part 2): The Courier (no gods, no masters)

I started the trip flying into LAX and rented a car (a motherfuckin’ Dodge Challenger) to trek across the Mojave to Vegas.

I don’t really use Spotify, Pandora, etc., but made one for my Mojave playlist after. It’s a mix of FONV songs, some from FO3 and FO4, and other songs I like that kind of sort of fit. Check out Verbrennen’s Wild Wasteland to hear what I heard crossing the desert!

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