What is this?

So back in ye olde tymes (in the early, significantly more hokey and less generally shitty days of social media) I kept a bunch of blogs chock full of my barely coherent high school drama whining.

Thankfully, I stopped – partly because LiveJournal got weird, and not insignificantly because this hot new just for college students site, The Facebook, started right before my Freshman year of college. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how that turned out but suffice to say it’s even weirder than LiveJournal now, which is a hell of a feat given that LiveJournal is populated 87% by Russian bots. The remaining 13% is George RR Martin.

So this is my new and improved grown-ass lady attempt to blog. Hopefully it will be significantly less shitty than the crap I wrote in high school but I make no promises.

What will I be writing about? Eh, pretty much whatever I feel like at the time but you can expect a few things pretty regularly:

  1. Embarrassingly pedantic ranting about video games, comics stuff, and other nerdery.
  2. Cooking – my friend Janet has been doing a really fun “journey around the world” project eating at restaurants (local and distant), cooking dishes, etc. from every country in the world over the last couple of years. I’ve enjoyed reading her posts about it and as such, I will shamelessly swipe the idea and try to cook my way around the world (hopefully hitting up 2-3 countries a month, some countries getting divided up into regions [China, Italy, etc.] as I see fit).
  3. Nonsense
  4. Occasional DiY stuff. Home maintenance, car stuff, general things you should know that maybe you don’t because they’re kind of random and home ec/shop aren’t really a “thing” in most of the US anymore.
  5. Whatever else I feel like writing or people request.
  6. How awesome dogs are (really awesome).
  7. Other blogs, webcomics, Kickstarters, YouTubers, etc. I like and want to share knowledge of in a supportive but not advertise-y way (my blog is not monetized in any capacity).

What will I not be writing about?

  1. Politics, by and large. It’s just not interesting (in that I’m politically active, but I am in no way a political science expert so I’d hardly be adding anything new to the conversation that isn’t better said by someone else) and it never leads to a discussion that’s actually productive in any way anyway. I expect my “leanings” will be obvious regardless.
  2. Personal drama, unless it’s objectively funny or interesting. It’s not really your business and it’s a bit tacky for an adult in her 30s.
  3. Topics that are found upsetting/triggering by many people. Sexual assault, abuse, racism, wealth inequality/poverty, etc. – these are all important things that should be discussed and not ignored but this is not the venue by which I choose to do so.

When will I be posting?

I’m not setting a schedule – hopefully at least weekly but I don’t want to establish an expectation I can’t/won’t necessarily meet.

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